Video: KS1-M16S • Paper 1 • Question 20

86 − 21 = _.


Video Transcript

86 minus 21 equals what?

86 and 21 are both two-digit numbers. They have a tens digit and a ones digit. If we write the numbers in a place value chart, it helps us to calculate the subtraction. Let’s start by subtracting in the ones place. We have six ones and we need to take away one. Six take away one is five. Now, let’s look at the tens digit. We have eight and we need to take away two. Eight take away two is six. 86 minus 21 equals 65.

We started with 86. First, we took away the one which left us with 85. Then, we took away two tens from our eight tens, which left us with six tens.

86 minus 21 equals 65.

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