Video: KS2-M16 • Paper 1 • Question 6

95 ÷ 5 = _


Video Transcript

95 divided by five equals what?

This question is asking us to find out the number of fives that there are in 95. 95 is beyond the times table facts that we usually learn. So we can’t just recall a multiplication fact to find the answer.

A written method that we could use is short division. We start by dividing the first digit of our number by five. What is nine divided by five? Or how many fives are there in nine? There’s one lot of five in nine, but there are also some left over. There’s a remainder of four. We can write the remainder next to the ones digits in our number. And now we can ask ourselves, what is 45 divided by five? How many fives are there in 45?

There are nine fives in 45. And so we can see 95 divided by five equals 19. Short division is a written method that we can use to find the answer. But there are one or two ways that we could find the answer in our heads. What do we see when we look at the number 95?

We may see a number that we can partition into 50 and 45. Why would we want to do that? Well, we know that there are 10 fives in 50 and nine fives in 45. So there must be 19 fives in 95.

Another fact that we know about the number 95 that could help us is that it’s very close to 100. How many fives are in 100? Well, we know 10 fives are in 50. So there must be 20 fives in 100. 95 is one lot of five less than 100. So instead of 20 times five, we can see straight away that there must be 19 fives in 95. This is something we can work out in our heads as long as we know how many fives are in 100.

So to calculate how many fives are in 95, we could use short division as a written method to find the answer. But it’s also the sort of question that we could work out mentally. If we know the fact that there are 20 fives in 100, we can easily use this and quickly use this to find out how many fives are in 95. 95 divided by five equals 19.

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