Question Video: Writing Multiple Addition Expressions Equal to 10 Mathematics • 1st Grade

There are lots of ways to make 10. What is the missing sum?


Video Transcript

There are lots of ways to make 10. What is the missing sum?

The figure shows us ways to make 10. These are also known as number bonds. We need to find this missing sum. Let’s take a look at the number bonds. Listen carefully as we read each one to see if you can notice a pattern: zero plus 10, one plus nine, two plus eight, three plus seven, four plus six, five plus five, and this is the missing sum.

Did you notice any patterns in the numbers or the sequence of numbers? Did you notice the pattern? As we count down each row, the number in this column increases by one each time. So our missing number comes after number five. Six is one more than five. Now, we have the first missing number in our sum.

Let’s look at the numbers in this column: 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, the missing number, three, two, one, zero. These numbers are decreasing by one each time. This missing number must be four because four is one less than five.

Now, we have our missing sum: six plus four equals 10. The missing sum is six plus four.

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