Question Video: Converting from Liters to Milliliters Mathematics

Express 1.025 L in milliliters.


Video Transcript

Express 1.025 liters in milliliters.

In order to change this quantity in liters into one in milliliters, we need to remember that in one liter, there are 1000 milliliters. We can also think of this in terms of if we have a quantity in liters that we want to change into milliliters, we need to multiply it by 1000. We, therefore, need to multiply 1.025 by 1000. And sometimes it can be helpful to use a place value grid to help us.

We know that 1.025 is made up of one ones, zero tenths, two hundredths, and five thousandths. When we multiply by 1000, we move every digit three places to the left. Starting with our digit of one in the ones column, then this will move into the thousands column. The other digits follow behind it. And therefore, we’ve found that 1.025 multiplied by 1000 is 1025. Therefore, 1.025 liters is equal to 1025 milliliters.

As a quick check, our value of 1.025 liters is approximately one liter. Therefore, our answer will be approximately 1000 milliliters, so it must be 1025 milliliters.

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