Question Video: Finding the Kinetic Energy of a Moving Body Mathematics

A body of mass 940 g is moving at 4 m/s. Determine its kinetic energy.


Video Transcript

A body of mass 940 grams is moving at four meters per second. Determine its kinetic energy.

We begin by recalling that we can calculate the kinetic energy of any body using the formula a half 𝑚𝑣 squared, where 𝑚 is the mass of the body and 𝑣 is its velocity. The standard units for mass and velocity are kilograms and meters per second, respectively. And the standard units for energy are joules.

We know that there are 1000 grams in a kilogram. So we can convert the mass of our body from grams to kilograms by dividing by 1000. This gives us a mass of 0.94 kilograms. We are told that the velocity is four meters per second. The kinetic energy is therefore equal to a half multiplied by 0.94 multiplied by four squared. This is equal to 7.52. A body of mass 940 grams moving at four meters per second has a kinetic energy of 7.52 joules.

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