Question Video: Linking Pictures to Positional Language Mathematics • Kindergarten

Which picture shows that the bucket is next to the spade? [A] Picture 1 [B] Picture 2 [C] Picture 3


Video Transcript

Which picture shows that the bucket is next to the spade?

We can see three pictures here. And each of the pictures shows a bucket and a spade. But what’s the difference? The spade is in a different place or a different position in each of the pictures. The position words in our question are the words “next to.” Now, we know when two objects are next to each other, they’re side by side. So, we’re looking for a picture where the bucket is side by side with the spade.

Is it the first picture? Well, the two objects are very close to each other, but they are not side by side. We could say the spade is in the bucket. What about the second picture? How could we describe the objects now? Well, again, they’re very close to each other, but they’re not side by side. The spade is on the bucket. We could also use the word ”under”. The bucket is under the spade.

So, we’re only left with this picture. Is the bucket next to the spade? Yes, the correct answer is the one that shows the bucket and the spade side by side. The bucket is next to the spade.

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