Video: AQA GCSE Mathematics Foundation Tier Pack 4 • Paper 3 • Question 17

Decrease 6700 by 47%.


Video Transcript

Decrease 6700 by 47 percent.

There’re two common ways of approaching a problem like this, which we will look at individually. Our first method involves calculating 47 percent of 6700 and then subtracting this from 6700. Let’s first calculate 47 percent of 6700. The word percent means out of 100. Therefore, 47 percent written as a fraction is 47 over 100. The word “of” in mathematics means multiply or times. This means we need to multiply the fraction 47 over 100 by 6700.

We can type this directly into the calculator. Or we could use the decimal equivalents of 47 over 100. This is equal to 0.47 as 47 divided by 100 is 0.47. All the digits move two places to the right when dividing by 100. Typing either one of these into our calculator gives us an answer of 3149. 47 percent of 6700 is 3149. We were asked in the question to decrease 6700 by 47 percent. This means that we need to subtract our 47 percent value, 3149, from 6700. This gives us an answer of 3551. Decreasing 6700 by 47 percent is equal to 3551.

We will now look at a second method using a decimal multiplier. Our initial number 6700 is equal to 100 percent as it is the whole number we are starting with. We are asked to decrease it by 47 percent. This means we need to subtract 47 percent. 100 minus 47 is equal to 53. Therefore, our answer will be 53 percent of the original number. We need to calculate 53 percent of 6700. As shown in our first method, 53 percent is equivalent to 53 out of 100. This is equal to 0.53, which we call our decimal multiplier. We need to multiply 0.53 by 6700. Typing this into our calculator also gives us an answer of 3551.

Using either one of these methods, we can see that decreasing 6700 by 47 percent is equal to 3551.

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