Question Video: Adding a Number to Its Additive Inverse Mathematics

Given that 44 + (βˆ’44) = 𝑛, find the value of 𝑛.


Video Transcript

Given that 44 plus negative 44 equals 𝑛, find the value of 𝑛.

Well if we are looking at 44 plus negative 44, then we can actually look at this part here, the signs together. If you add a negative, then it actually becomes subtract. So therefore, what we have is 44 minus 44. And if we have 44 minus 44, then the result is just going to be zero.

So therefore, 𝑛 is gonna be equal to zero. That’s because 44 plus negative 44 is the same as 44 minus 44, which is equal to zero. And we can, in this question, think of the negative 44 as an additive inverse. And the reason we can call it an additive inverse is because it’s the number that when added to 44 gives us a zero as an answer. And this can also be known as the negation.

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