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Question Video: Finding the Solution Set of One-Step Linear Inequalities over the Set of Natural Numbers Mathematics • 6th Grade

Write the solution set of π‘₯ βˆ’ 2 < 1 given that π‘₯ ∈ β„•.


Video Transcript

Write the solution set of π‘₯ minus two is less than one, given that π‘₯ is a subset of all natural numbers.

We copy down our equation and solve for π‘₯. To solve for π‘₯, we add two to both sides of our equation. Minus two plus two equals zero, leaving us with π‘₯ on the left is less than one plus two equals three.

We know now that π‘₯ is less than three. But π‘₯ is also a subset of natural numbers. And natural numbers are positive whole numbers and zero. What we need is a list of all the positive whole numbers and zero that are less than three.

We know that zero falls in that category; it’s less than three, so is one and two. The only three values that π‘₯ can be and meet both of these criteria is zero, one, and two.

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