Question Video: Matching the Objects in Two Groups to Identify the Group That Has More Objects Mathematics • Kindergarten

Are there more balls or more rackets?


Video Transcript

Are there more balls or more rackets?

In the picture, we can see a row of tennis balls. And above them is a row of tennis rackets. The question is asking us to compare these two groups of objects together. Which is greater? Are there more balls or are there more rackets? Sometimes when objects have been arranged in a line, we can compare the lines and see which is longer. If we do this, we can see that the line of tennis rackets is longer than the line of balls. Does this mean there are more rackets?

Well, no it doesn’t because a tennis racket is longer than a tennis ball. And the way our lines of objects have been made are not equally spaced. But you know we can still compare the groups by matching each ball with a racket. One, two, three. But we don’t have a racket to match the last ball to. This means there must be more balls than rackets. The group of balls is larger than the group of rackets. So are there more balls or more rackets? There are more balls.

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