Video: Solving Linear Equations

Solve 1/2 โˆ’ ๐‘ฆ = 3/4 for ๐‘ฆ.


Video Transcript

Solve one-half minus ๐‘ฆ equals three-fourths for ๐‘ฆ.

First things first, copy down the equation. If we wanna isolate ๐‘ฆ and solve for ๐‘ฆ, weโ€™ll need to move everything else to the other side of the equation by subtracting one-half on the left and one-half on the right. Positive one-half minus one-half cancels out. That equals zero.

The left side now says negative ๐‘ฆ. And on the right side, we need to subtract one-half from three-fourths. We can rewrite one-half as a fraction with the denominator of four. Two over four is the same thing as one-half. Three-fourths minus two-fourths equals one-fourth. Negative ๐‘ฆ equals one-fourth.

But weโ€™re looking for positive ๐‘ฆ. And that means we can multiply both sides by negative one. Negative one times negative ๐‘ฆ equals positive ๐‘ฆ. And one-fourth times negative one equals negative one-fourth.

๐‘ฆ equals negative one-fourth.

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