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Question Video: Finding the Missing Numbers When Multiplying 1-Digit Numbers by Multiples of 10 Mathematics • 4th Grade

Fill in the blanks: 4 × 50 = _ × 100 = _.


Video Transcript

Fill in the blanks: four times 50 is equal to blank times 100, which is equal to blank.

So we have three different pieces, and we’re saying that they’re all equal. In this piece, we can actually find out the answer. Four times 50 is 200. So this means blank times 100 needs to be equal to 200. Well, that would have to be two.

And then the last piece needs to be equal to 200, and it’s just a blank. So we need 200. So to make each piece equal, we need each piece to be equal to 200. So the first blank needed to be a two because two times 100 is 200, and the second blank needed to be 200 because it was all by itself.

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