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Question Video: Finding the Relative Velocity between Two Given Vectors Mathematics

Given that 𝑉_𝐴 = 17𝑖 and 𝑉_𝐡 = 8𝑖, find 𝑉_(𝐡𝐴).


Video Transcript

Given that the velocity vector 𝑉 𝐴 is equal to 17𝑖 and the velocity vector 𝑉 𝐡 is equal to eight 𝑖. Find the velocity vector 𝑉 𝐡𝐴.

We can calculate 𝑉 of 𝐡𝐴 by subtracting 𝑉 𝐴 from 𝑉 𝐡. In this case, we subtract the vector 17𝑖 from the vector eight 𝑖. Eight 𝑖 minus 17𝑖 is equal to negative nine 𝑖. This means that when 𝑉 𝐴 is equal 17𝑖 and 𝑉 𝐡 is equal to eight 𝑖, then 𝑉 of 𝐡𝐴 is equal to negative nine 𝑖.

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