Video: Using Ten Frames to Find Ways to Make 10

Find the correct way to make 10. [A] 1 + 8 = 10 [B] 2 + 8 = 10 [C] 3 + 5 = 10


Video Transcript

Find the correct way to make 10. One plus eight, two plus eight, or three plus five.

Here, we have 10 bricks. If we make two groups of bricks: a group with one and a group with eight, does it equal 10? Here, we have a group with one brick. And now, we have another group with eight bricks. But there is one brick left over. So one and eight doesn’t make 10.

Now, we have two groups: the first group has two bricks and the second group has eight bricks. Two plus eight does equal 10. So this is the correct way to make 10.

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