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Question Video: Deducing Information about Patterns Involving Numbers Mathematics

Complete the pattern 42, 48, 54, _, _.


Video Transcript

Complete the pattern: 42, 48, 54, something, something.

In this problem, we’re given part of a pattern and we’re asked to finish it by finding the next two numbers. Is this an increasing or a decreasing pattern of numbers? By sketching a number line, we can see that the numbers get larger each time. And so we can predict that the next two numbers should increase too. But by how much does each number increase? Is it the same amount each time?

Let’s record each jump on our number line. To get from 42 to 48 is a jump of plus six. And to get from 48 to 54 is also a jump of plus six. So straightaway, we can see that the numbers increase by the same amount. And the rule for our pattern is plus six each time.

We can now use our plus six rule to continue the pattern. 54 plus six equals 60. And so the next number in our sequence is 60. And 60 plus six equals 66. So the final number in our pattern is 66.

And so our completed pattern is 42, 48, 54, 60, and then 66.

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