Question Video: Multiplying Numbers in the Multiplication Table Mathematics • 3rd Grade

What is 6 × 9?


Video Transcript

What is six times nine?

Now, this is a very straightforward question, isn’t it? Perhaps you know the answer already. Perhaps you can recall the number fact and say six times nine is this. But if we were to make a video like this, it would be very interesting to watch. let’s try going through and answer for those of you who perhaps don’t know this fact off by heart.

If we don’t know what six times nine is, what do we know that could help us? Well, the first thing that we can say is that six times nine is exactly the same as nine times six. This is something you can do with multiplication facts. You can switch the numbers around and it still makes the same product. So, we can see that this question is asking us to find nine lots of six. Now, maybe you don’t know nine lots of six. But there is a nearby fact that you probably do know, a fact that’s easy to remember when we’re learning our times tables. And that’s 10 times six.

Now, we can use this to help. Because if we know what 10 times six is and here are 10 columns of six counters as an example, then to find nine times six, we just need to lose one of our columns. In other words, we need to subtract six. Now, 10 times tables facts are quite easy to remember. 10 times six equals 60. And so, if we take away one lot of six from 60, this is going to take us back to 54, isn’t it? And so, we can say that nine lots of six are 54. Or if we switched the numbers around, six times nine equals 54.

Now, perhaps you knew this fact already, but this is just one method you could have used if you didn’t. We’ve used a known multiplication fact to find an unknown fact. We knew 10 times six. So, we subtracted six to find nine times six. And nine times six or six times nine equals 54.

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