Question Video: Simplifying Expressions Involving Multiplication Mathematics • 9th Grade

Simplify 3𝑥 × 4𝑦.


Video Transcript

Simplify three 𝑥 multiplied by four 𝑦.

In order to simplify any expression of this type, we need to treat each variable separately. In this case, we will look at the constants three and four first. Three multiplied by four is equal to 12. In this question, there was only one 𝑥 and one 𝑦. We know that when we multiply two letters together, in this case 𝑥 multiplied by 𝑦, this can be written as 𝑥𝑦. The simplified form of three 𝑥 multiplied by four 𝑦 is 12𝑥𝑦.

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