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Question Video: Rounding a Given Number to the Nearest Thousand Mathematics

Round 4358 to the nearest thousand.


Video Transcript

Round 4358 to the nearest thousand.

The number 4358 is a four-digit number. It has eight ones, five tens, three hundreds, and four thousands. We have to round this number to the nearest thousand. 4358 is between 4000 and 5000. We could place 4358 approximately here on the number line, around halfway between 4300 and 4400. We can see that it’s closer to 4000 than it is to 5000.

Another way we could round to the nearest thousand is to look at the hundreds digit, which is a three. 4500 is the halfway mark. Anything less than 4500 we would round down. If the hundreds digit was five or more, we would round up. Because our number has three hundreds, we need to round down. Three hundreds are less than five hundreds. The nearest thousand to 4358 is 4000.

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