Question Video: Reading Data from Frequency Tables Involving Tally Marks Mathematics • 2nd Grade

The tally chart shows a group of students’ favorite superheroes. Were fourteen students surveyed?


Video Transcript

The tally chart shows a group of students’ favourite superheroes. Were 14 students surveyed?

Each individual tally represents one student. Four tallies with a fifth line through it represents five students. We can therefore see that the number of students who said that Wolverine was their favourite superhero is two. Three students said their favourite superhero was Superman. One student said that their favourite superhero was Wonder Woman. And finally, eight students said that their favourite superhero was Spiderman as five plus three equals eight.

To work out the total number of students that were surveyed, we need to add two, three, one, and eight. Two plus three is equal to five. Adding one to this gives us six. And adding eight to six gives us an answer of 14.

We can therefore answer the question by saying yes, 14 students were surveyed.

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