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Question Video: Understanding Place Value in Multidigit Numbers Mathematics

What is the place value of the 8 in 81,374?


Video Transcript

What is the place value of the eight in 81,374?

This question gives us a five-digit number made up, unsurprisingly, of five digits. And we’re asked what the place value of one of them is, and that’s the digit eight. We know that place value is the value given to different digits based on their position or place in a number. They may be worth ones or hundreds. It all depends on their position. And so this question is really asking us, what’s the value of the place where the digit eight is sitting in this number?

Probably the most useful thing we could do to help us answer this question is to put this number into a place value grid. And as we write each digit, we can think about what they’re worth. We know that the value of each place in a number is greater as we move from right to left. So if we look at where the eight is in our number, perhaps the first thing we could say is that it’s in the place with the greatest value in this five-digit number. But what is this place worth?

We know that the digit four is in the place with the least value. It’s in the ones place. Then comes the tens, the hundreds, the thousands, and the fifth column along to the left. Well, this column is going to behave just the same as all the others. It’s going to be 10 times as great as the last column. And because the last column is thousands, we know the digit eight is in the ten thousands place. The place value of the eight in 81,374 is ten thousands.

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