Question Video: Evaluating a Numerical Expression Involving Exponents Mathematics • 6th Grade

Evaluate 12 − 2³.


Video Transcript

Evaluate 12 minus two cubed or 12 minus two to the power of three.

To solve this problem, we need to look at the order of operations. Firstly, we look for any parentheses or brackets. Secondly, we look for exponents or indices. Then we look for any multiplication or division signs. And finally, we look for addition and subtraction signs.

In this question, there are no parentheses or brackets, so we can skip this step. Next, we look for any exponents or indices, and we can see in this question that part of it says two cubed or two to the power of three. This is the calculation which we must carry out first. Two cubed is worked out by doing two multiplied by two and multiplied by two again. This gives us an answer of eight.

We can now move to the next line and look for any multiplication or division signs. There are none of these, so we can move to the final level and look for any addition or subtraction signs. There is a subtraction sign between the 12 and the eight, so we can work out the calculation 12 take away eight which gives us an answer of four.

Therefore, 12 minus two cubed equals four. It is important that we follow this order of operations at all times.

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