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Question Video: Converting Decimal Numbers from Written to Standard Form Mathematics • 4th Grade

Write 14 hundredths as a decimal.


Video Transcript

Write 14 hundredths as a decimal.

Here’s a chart to help us remember what we know about place value. To the right of the decimal point, we deal with values that are less than zero. We’re working with 14 hundredths which we know is a faction, it’s a piece that’s less than zero. But we can’t put 14 in the hundredths box because in the hundredths place we can only put single digits from zero to nine. So we need to break our hundredths up into two different pieces. What we can say is we can say that 14 hundredths equals 10 hundredths plus four hundredths. And our zeros here cancel each other out, the zero in the numerator and the zero in the denominator, leaving us with one tenth. So what we can say is that 14 hundredths equals one tenth plus four hundredths. We put the one in the tenths place and the four in the hundredths place.

14 hundredths written as a decimal looks like this: 0.14.

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