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Question Video: Determining the Place Value of a Digit in a Number Mathematics • 5th Grade

What is the place value of the 3 in 1300641?


Video Transcript

What is the place value of the three in the number 1300641?

To solve this question, we’ll use a place value chart like this one. We can enter the number that we’re working with in the bottom of our chart. To enter the number, I’m going to start all the way on the right with the ones place. In the number we’re talking about, there’s a one in the ones place, a four in the tens place, a six in the hundreds place. We have zeros in a thousands and ten thousands place. Our three goes in the hundred thousands box. And finally, our one will then fall in the millions box. But our question is specifically asking what is the place value of the three.

The three digit falls in the hundred thousands place. So our final answer: The place value of the three is hundred thousands.

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