Question Video: Dividing an Integer by a Decimal Mathematics • 5th Grade

4 ÷ 0.8 = _.


Video Transcript

Four divided by 0.8 is equal to what.

In this question, we’re being asked to divide an integer, four, by a decimal, 0.8. To do this, we can first express the division as a fraction. Four divided by 0.8 is equal to the fraction four over 0.8. Working out how many times 0.8 goes into four is tricky. We’d much prefer to be able to divide by an integer.

What we’re going to do is find an equivalent fraction where the denominator is no longer a decimal. If we multiply the denominator of the fraction by 10, then it becomes an integer, eight. In order to keep the two fractions equivalent, we need to perform the same operation to the numerator. So we also need to multiply four by 10.

Four multiplied by 10 is 40. Remember, these two fractions are equivalent. And therefore, four divided by 0.8 is equivalent to working out 40 divided by eight, a much easier calculation. 40 divided by eight is equal to five.

As the two fractions are equivalent, there’s no need to do anything further with this answer such as dividing by 10. Four divided by 0.8 is equal to five.

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