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Question Video: Addition and Subtraction of Integer Numbers up to 999 Mathematics • 7th Grade

Chloe opened a checking account with $380. If she deposited $39, $11, and $65 in her account and then withdrew $76 and $57, determine her current balance.


Video Transcript

Chloe opened a checking account with 380 dollars. If she deposited 39 dollars, 11 dollars, and 65 dollars in her account and then withdrew 76 dollars and 57 dollars, determine her current balance.

We can calculate the total amount that Chloe deposited by adding 39, 11, and 65 dollars. This is equal to 115 dollars. Chloe withdrew two amounts of 76 dollars and 57 dollars. This is a total of 133 dollars. As 115 is less than 133, Chloe has withdrawn more than she has deposited. This will result in the balance in her account decreasing. We can calculate this change in balance by subtracting 133 dollars from 115 dollars. As the difference between 133 and 115 is 18, the change in balance is negative 18 dollars. Finally, we can calculate Chloe’s new balance by subtracting this 18 dollars from her original balance of 380 dollars. The current balance in Chloe’s checking account is 362 dollars.

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