Question Video: Solving One-Variable Equations Involving Negative Numbers Mathematics • 6th Grade

Solve 𝑦/11 = βˆ’11.


Video Transcript

Solve 𝑦 divided by 11 equals negative 11.

We’re starting with the equation 𝑦 divided by 11 equals negative 11. To solve, we need to isolate 𝑦, get 𝑦 by itself. We can do that by multiplying by 11 over one on the left-hand side. And if we multiply by 11 over one on the left, we must do it on the right.

On the left, we now have 𝑦, and on the right, we multiply negative 11 times positive 11 to give us negative 121. The solution here: 𝑦 equals negative 121. And if we wanted to confirm that, we could ask: is negative 121 divided by 11 equal to negative 11? It is.

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