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Question Video: Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Mathematics

Evaluate (3𝑡 + 8)² ÷ 2 for 𝑡 = −2.


Video Transcript

Evaluate three 𝑡 plus eight squared divided by two for 𝑡 equals negative two.

First, we can copy everything down exactly as it was written in our problem. And then we need to substitute negative two for the 𝑡. Now the expression says three times negative two plus eight squared divided by two.

The order of operation we need to use to solve this problem is as follows: parentheses, exponents, multiplication, and division from left to right and then addition and subtraction from left to right. We’ll start by operating what’s inside the parentheses.

Inside the parentheses, we still follow the order of operation. And that means we would multiply before we added. Three times negative two equals negative six. Bring everything else down. We’re still operating inside the parentheses. This time, we’re adding negative six plus eight, which equals two. Our new expression says two squared divided by two.

Moving on from the parentheses, we now operate with exponents. Two squared equals four. The expression says four divided by two now. Our last step is the division. Four divided by two equals two. In this expression, when 𝑡 equals negative two, the outcome will be positive two.

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