Question Video: Finding the Volume of a Graphed Cylinder Mathematics • 8th Grade

Find the volume of the cylinder. Give your answer in in³ to one decimal place.


Video Transcript

Find the volume of the cylinder. Give your answer in inches cubed to one decimal place.

In order to find the volume of a cylinder, we need to multiply 𝜋 the radius squared and the height altogether. So 𝜋 will be a button that we can press on our calculator. However, we need to find the radius and the height of the cylinder.

The radius will go from the center of the circle to a point on the circle. So it’s exactly half of that 14 inches. And the 14 inches represent a diameter. So to find the radius, we need to cut 14 inches in half — so divide by two. So the radius is seven inches. And remember it’s the radius squared or multiplied by.

And now we need to multiply by the height of the cylinder. And the height of the cylinder is 13. Before multiplying these numbers together, we need to square seven. And seven squared is 49 and we get 2001.1945. Now, it says to round to one decimal place. So we need to look at the number to the right and decide if we will keep the 1.1 or round it up to a two. And since nine is five or greater, we will round the one up to a two. Therefore, the volume of this cylinder would be 2001.2 cubic inches.

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