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Question Video: Identifying Angles in Standard Position Mathematics • 10th Grade

Is the angle in standard position?


Video Transcript

Is the angle in standard position?

An angle is said to be in standard position if its vertex is located at the origin and one ray, which we call the initial side, lies on the positive 𝑥-axis. Now, our angle is bound by the rays highlighted in yellow. We do indeed see that one of the sides lies on the positive 𝑥-axis and the vertex does appear to be at the origin. We also know that it is indeed the initial side of our angle that lies on the positive 𝑥-axis rather than the terminal side. And this is because we’re given an arrow that tells us the direction.

If the arrow was moving in the opposite direction, we couldn’t actually say that the angle is in standard position because the initial side would not lie on the positive 𝑥-axis. And so, we see that the angle given satisfies all of our criteria to be in standard position. And the answer is yes.

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