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Video: Creating an Exam Assignment

In this video, we will show you how to assign an exam to your students.


Video Transcript

In this video, we will show you how to assign an exam to your students.

To assign an exam, you must be a portal educator and be signed in to

First, click on “Assignments” in the toolbar and then click “Exams”. On this page, you’ll be able to see the list of all the exams currently available in your portal.

To look at a particular exam in more detail, you can click on one of the links. We are going to click on the first pack of Edexcel Higher Tier Practice Tests.

Now, if you want to look at the blank paper more closely, click on “Practice Paper”. This is the pdf that you can assign to your students. If you go back to the exam page, you can also look at the model answers or the solution videos.

You can then assign the paper directly from this page. We are going to assign “Paper 1”, so we’ll click “Assign Paper”. Now, some of the information has been autofilled with the information for this particular test, and we just need to complete the rest.

Much like with an assessment, you need to fill in the start and due dates along with the classes that you would like to send the exam to.

We’ll leave the start date and time as the default so that the paper is available as soon as we set the exam, and we’ll set the due date for a week in the future, so we’ll adjust this accordingly.

We now want to assign the paper to our “Transfiguration-4” class, so we click where it says “Choose Classes” and select “Transfiguration-4”. If you want to edit the students in the class, you can do this by deleting “All Students” and then individually selecting the students that you would like to send the exam to.

You can also send the exam to additional classes by clicking the “+” button on the right-hand side. You can then select the second class as before, editing the students as required.

The subject, bundle, pack, and paper have been autofilled from the previous step. So once you’re happy, you can either save the exam as a draft, if you want to assign it later, or click “Send”. We want to assign the exam now, so we’ll click “Send”. Now, you’ll see your new exam in the list of all exam assignments.

It’s worth noting that you can create an exam assignment without first jumping into the exam page, which may be preferable once you are familiar with all the papers.

Head back to “Exams” on the toolbar, and instead of clicking an exam first, click on “+ New Exam Assignment”. You’ll see the same page as before, but you’ll need to select a subject and then the paper information.

For example, we’ll choose “Mathematics”, then the Higher Tier Edexcel Paper, which is the second “GCSE (9-1) Edexcel”, and then “Pack 1” followed by “Paper 1”, which is the same exam as before. Set the class and start and due dates as normal, and then your exam assignment is ready to go.

If we head over briefly to look at a student account, they’ll find their new exam assignment by clicking on “Assignments” in their toolbar and then “Exams”. Their most recent exam will be found in this list.

They will then have the ability to download and print the blank paper. Then, once the exam deadline passes, the model answers and solution videos will automatically become available to them.

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