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Lesson Video: Adding Numbers up to 10 Mathematics • Kindergarten

In this video, we will learn how to find the missing total in an addition equation when adding numbers up to 10.


Video Transcript

Adding Numbers to 10

In this video, we will learn how to find the missing total in an addition sentence when we are adding numbers to 10. This is a part–whole model. One of the parts contains three bricks. And the other part contains four bricks. This circle shows the whole amount. We could also call this the total. What is the total of three and four? It’s seven. Three plus four gives us a total of seven. So to find the total in an addition sentence, we need to add together both of the parts. Three plus four equals seven. The total is seven. Let’s practice adding to find the total.

Add the following to find the total number of sandwiches. Three plus two equals what.

To help us find the total. We could model the addition sentence using some counters. We have three blue counters and two orange counters. How many are there altogether? One, two, three, four, five. The total number of counters is five, so the total number of sandwiches is five. Three plus two equals five.

What is the total number of leaves? Five plus three equals what.

Let’s use a 10 frame to help us add together five and three. Here are five counters; now, let’s add three more. One more counter gives us six, seven, eight. The total number of leaves is eight. To find the total, we added together five and three.

Five plus five equals what.

In this question, we’re being asked to find the total of five plus five. We could place five counters into a 10 frame then add five more. Here are five orange counters and five green counters. The 10 frame is full, which means it has 10 counters. Five plus five gives us a total of 10.

What have we learned in this video? We’ve learned how to add together two amounts to find the total.

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