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Question Video: Telling Time to the Quarter Hour Mathematics

Which clock is showing the time is quarter past five?


Video Transcript

Which clock is showing the time is quarter past five? And we’re given five possible clocks to choose from.

To help us find a quarter past time, we need to think about what the quarter of the clock face looks like. We can show a quarter of a clock face by dividing it into four equal parts. Each part is a quarter of the clock face.

What’s a quarter past time? We know there’s an o’clock time is when the minute hand is pointing to the 12. And so a quarter past time has moved from the 12 to point to the number three. The minute hand has now moved a quarter of the way around the clock. It started at an o’clock time. And now it is quarter past that o’clock time. Which of our clocks shows a minute hand pointing to the number three? We can see that the fourth clock looks like it might be the right answer.

Let’s just check whether the hour hand is in the correct position to show quarter past five. Well, at five o’clock, the hour hand points directly to the number five. Now that we’re at quarter past five, it should’ve moved towards the six. And it’s now a quarter of the way between the five and the six.

And so the clock that shows the time is quarter past five is this one.

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