Question Video: Subtracting Two Multidigit Numbers Mathematics

Subtract 11,223 from 49,373.


Video Transcript

Subtract 11223 from 49373.

Here, we have two five-digit numbers. And often when we’re calculating with multidigit numbers, we need to use written methods. We don’t always, but we’re going to have to in this calculation. So we can use column subtraction to help find the answer. We need to find out 49373 take away 11223. The first thing to do is to make sure that we’ve written all the digits in the right place and so that there are lined with each other. In other words, the ones digits are on top of each other, the tens digits are on top of each other, and so on. Everything is lined up.

Now, we can go through each column and subtract. Three ones take away three ones leaves us with zero ones. Seven 10s take away two 10s leaves us with five 10s. This is the same as 70 take away 20 equals 50. Three 100s take away two 100s leaves us with one 100. Onto the thousands column, nine 1000s take away one 1000 leaves us with 8000. And finally, the ten thousands place, four 10000s take away one 10000 leaves us with three 10000s. And so we subtracted 11223 from 49373 using column subtraction. The answer to our calculation is 38150.

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