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Question Video: Dividing Integers Where the Quotient Is a Decimal

32 ÷ 20 = _.


Video Transcript

32 divided by 20 equals blank.

First, we can set up our problem. 32 is the dividend. And it goes inside the division bar. The 20 is the divisor. And it goes on the outside. We need to find out how many times 20 will go into 32. I know that 20 times two is 40. And that’s too much. So let’s start with one.

20 goes into 32 one time. We multiply 20 times one. That gives us 20. Then we need to subtract 20 from 32. Two minus zero is two. Three minus two is one.

We know that 12 cannot be divided by 20. From here, what we wanna do is add a decimal point. Make sure that you add it on top and inside your division bar and then add a zero to the right of the decimal point, then bring it down, making our 12 120.

Now we can ask, “How many times will 20 go into 120?” We’re going to choose six. We’re going to choose six because we recognize that six times two equals 12. And that means that six times 20 equals 120.

From there, we subtract 120 from 120. And we’re left with zero as our remainder. This tells us that 32 divided by 20 equals one and six tenths, 1.6.

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