Video: GCSE Mathematics Foundation Tier Pack 4 • Paper 2 • Question 3

GCSE Mathematics Foundation Tier Pack 4 • Paper 2 • Question 3


Video Transcript

Calculate eight cubed divided by two.

So first of all, what we need to do is actually think about, well, what does eight cubed actually mean. Well, eight cubed is equal to eight multiplied by eight multiplied by eight. It is not equal to eight multiplied by three. This is a common mistake that students make.

So therefore, if we use our calculator, we can work out that eight cubed is gonna be equal to 512. So therefore, we’ve got 512 divided by two. It’s worth noting that if you are gonna use your calculator to put in eight cubed, then what you do is you type eight and then press this button here, which actually will mean 𝑥 cubed but it means your number eight cubed. And that will give you your answer, 512.

However, if you were gonna use a written method, what you can actually do is 64 multiplied by eight. That’s because eight multiplied by eight is 64, cause it’s eight squared. So then you do eight multiplied by four, which gives us 32. So you put two in the units column, carry the three into the tens column. And then you’d have eight multiplied by six, which is 48, plus the three we carried, gives us 51. So then we’d have one in the tens column and five in the hundreds column. So we get our 512, great.

So now we’re gonna do 512 divided by two. And this will give us the answer 256, which again if you won’t use a calculator or forgotten it, you could actually use a written method, which is the bus stop method. So you do twos into 512. Well, twos go into five twice with one remainder. Then you do twos into 11, which goes five times with one remainder. Then you do twos into 12, which goes six times. So we get our 256. So therefore, we can say that eight cubed divided by two is equal to 256.

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