Video: KS2-M16 • Paper 1 • Question 3

326 ÷ 1 = _


Video Transcript

326 divided by one equals what?

There are two ways we could find this missing number. The first is to think of the division as it’s written. How many ones are in 326? Well, if we split 326 into one group, how many will be in that group? Well, there are 326 ones in 326. So we can see that the number doesn’t change when we divide it by one.

Another way to find the answer is to work backwards. We know that the opposite or the inverse of division is multiplication. What multiplied by one gives us 326? When a number is multiplied by one, it stays the same. So we know that 326 multiplied by one equals 326.

Both of these calculations are ways to find the missing number. When a number is divided by one, it stays the same. And so 326 divided by one equals 326.

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