Question Video: Evaluating Algebraic Expressions by Substitution Mathematics • 6th Grade

Evaluate 𝑝𝑛²/(𝑡 + 11) for 𝑛 = 4, 𝑝 = 5, and 𝑡 = 5.


Video Transcript

Evaluate 𝑝𝑛 squared over 𝑡 plus 11 for 𝑛 is equal to four, 𝑝 is equal to five, and 𝑡 is equal to five.

In this question, we are asked to evaluate a given algebraic expression by using the values of three variables. To answer this question, we need to start by substituting 𝑛 is equal to four, 𝑝 is equal to five, and 𝑡 is equal to five into the algebraic expression. Doing this gives us five times four squared over five plus 11.

We now need to evaluate this expression. To do this, we can start by recalling that when using fraction notation, we evaluate the numerators and denominators separately. There is only a single operation in the denominator, so we can evaluate this first. We have five plus 11 is equal to 16. This gives us five times four squared over 16.

At this point, we could use the order of operations to evaluate the numerator. We would evaluate the exponent first and then the multiplication. This would work, and we could use this method to obtain the correct answer. However, the numerator is already a product, and we can note that the denominator is equal to four squared. Therefore, we can cancel the shared factor of 16 in the numerator and denominator to obtain five over one, which is just equal to five.

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