Question Video: Finding the Quotient of a Division Expression Mathematics • 5th Grade

Find the quotient of 946 ÷ 43.


Video Transcript

Find the quotient of 946 divided by 43.

First, let’s remember what the quotient is. The quotient is equal to the dividend divided by the divisor. We can solve this problem using long division, where the dividend goes inside the box, the divisor is on the left of the box, and the quotient is at the top.

We start with the division box. The dividend is 946. Our divisor is 43. Now we’re ready to do long division. To find the first digit in our quotient, we need to ask the question how many times can 43 be divided into 94. One way to consider this is by asking the question 43 times what number equals 94.

I know that 40 times two equals 80. And that’s pretty close to 94. Let’s start with the number two. From there, we multiply two times 43, which equals 86. And now we subtract 86 from 94. In the tens place, we have four minus six. And that’s not possible. So we borrow from our nine, leaving us with eight and 14 in the place value to the right. Now we can say 14 minus six equals eight. And eight minus eight equals zero.

For the next step, we bring down the digit to the right. Now we go back and we ask the question how many times does 43 go into 86. In other words, 43 times what equals 86? We’ve already found that 43 times two equals 86. We still have to finish up our long division by multiplying two times 43, which equals 86. We subtract 86 minus 86 equals zero.

The quotient is the value we find when we divide the dividend by the divisor. And here the quotient is 22. 946 divided by 43 equals 22.

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