Question Video: Identifying the First Step in Solving One-Step Multiplication Linear Equations in One Variable Mathematics • 7th Grade

What is the first step in solving the equation −21𝑦 = 8.4?


Video Transcript

What is the first step in solving the equation negative 21𝑦 equals 8.4? Multiplying each side by negative 21, dividing each side by eight and four tenths, dividing each side by negative 21, adding negative 21 to each side, or subtracting negative 21 from each side.

To solve this problem, we’ll need to think about what is happening in our equation. And then we’ll think about how can we undo what is happening. In this equation, negative 21 is being multiplied by 𝑦. If we wanted to undo that, we would do the opposite. We would divide each side by negative 21.

Remember that the goal in solving the equation is to isolate 𝑦, to get 𝑦 by itself. And to get rid of this multiplied by negative 21, we would divide by negative 21 on both sides.

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