Lesson Plan: Units and Equations Chemistry

This lesson plan includes the objectives and exclusions of the lesson teaching students how to define SI and derived units and write and manipulate algebraic equations.


Students will be able to

  • know that SI units are the standard units of measurement,
  • identify SI units and derived units with chemical applications,
  • recognize the different prefixes that are used for quantities and identify the size of a value from them (e.g., nano, micro, milli, kilo, mega),
  • convert between units (e.g., g to kg, km to m, cm3 to m3),
  • explain the cancellation of units in dimensional analysis (e.g., g/(g/mol) = mol in n = m/M),
  • use the units of variables in a calculation to determine the units of the answer,
  • rearrange simple algebraic equations to change the subject of the equation,
  • solve simple algebraic equations (related to chemistry).


Students will not cover

  • scientific notation,
  • calculating percentages and ratios.

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