Lesson Plan: Solving Linear Equations Graphically Mathematics

This lesson plan includes the objectives, prerequisites, and exclusions of the lesson teaching students how to represent and interpret linear graphs and use them to solve linear equations.


Students will be able to

  • understand that the graph of 𝑦=𝑚𝑥+𝑏 gives all pairs of values (𝑥,𝑦) that make the equation true, while 𝑚𝑥+𝑏=𝑐 has one solution only, given by the 𝑥-coordinate of the point of intersection of 𝑦=𝑚𝑥+𝑏 and 𝑦=𝑐,
  • solve linear equations by using their graphs,
  • solve real-life problems involving solving linear equations graphically.


Students should already be familiar with

  • graphing a given linear equation.


Students will not cover

  • linear equations in the form 𝑎𝑥+𝑏𝑦=𝑐,
  • function notation,
  • systems of linear equations.

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