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Lesson Plan: Conduction and Convection Physics

This lesson plan includes the objectives, prerequisites, and exclusions of the lesson teaching students how to describe heat transfer through solid materials via conduction and define the factors that determine the effectiveness of insulation.


Students will be able to

  • describe what conduction is,
  • describe what convection is,
  • give examples of materials with high thermal conductivity,
  • give examples of materials with low thermal conductivity,
  • recall which properties of a material affect heat conduction through it,
  • recall that conduction occurs mainly in solids,
  • recall that convection occurs mainly in liquids and gases.


Students should already be familiar with

  • the three most common states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas,
  • energy.


Students will not cover

  • radiation,
  • the distinction between convection, advection, and diffusion,
  • Brownian motion,
  • gas laws,
  • any calculations of the temperature at different points within materials.

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