Lesson Plan: Adaptations and Competition Science

This lesson plan includes the objectives, prerequisites, and exclusions of the lesson teaching students how to describe what an adaptation is, give examples of useful adaptations, and explain how having adaptations allows organisms to successfully compete for resources.


Students will be able to

  • recall that organisms are adapted to their own environment,
  • define adaptations as the characteristics an organism has that make it well suited for its environment,
  • recall that adaptations can be associated with the structure of an organism, their behavior, or their function,
  • give and interpret examples of organisms that are well adapted to their environment,
  • define competition as the interaction of organisms over a limited resource,
  • give examples of resources that organisms compete for and how their adaptations help them do this,
  • suggest what may happen when organisms are not well adapted to the environment they are in.


Students should already be familiar with

  • the concept that animals and plants live in specific habitats.


Students will not cover

  • evolution by natural selection,
  • detailed examples of structural, functional, and behavioral adaptations.

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