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Lesson Plan: Electrolysis of Molten Salts Chemistry • 10th Grade

This lesson plan includes the objectives, prerequisites, and exclusions of the lesson teaching students how to describe the components of an electrolytic cell and predict the products of the electrolysis of molten salts.


Students will be able to

  • describe the process of electrolysis using a dc current,
  • explain the importance of selecting suitable electrolytes and electrodes for electrolysis to occur,
  • explain the movement of ions and electrons during electrolysis,
  • predict the products of electrolysis of binary, ionic compounds in the molten state.


Students should already be familiar with

  • oxidation and reduction in terms of electron transfer,
  • anions and cations in ionic compounds,
  • writing balanced symbol equations with state symbols.


Students will not cover

  • electrolysis of salt solutions.

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