Lesson: Reported Speech: Questions English

In this lesson, we will learn how to use reported questions to talk about the solar system.

Lesson Plan

Students will be able to

  • use reported questions to state what someone has asked,
  • understand how to change direct questions to reported questions by
    • backshifting verbs from present to past tense (e.g., eat   ate, is eating   was eating),
    • backshifting the modal verbs can and will (in the future simple) to could and would (e.g., He asked, “Can you run quickly?” He asked if I could run quickly),
    • changing pronouns from first (or second) person to third person (e.g., Karim asked, “Can I watch TV?”  Karim asked if he could watch TV),
      • understanding that when the reporting clause uses I, the subject pronouns in the reported speech do not change (e.g., I asked, “Can I go home?”  I asked if I could go home),
      • understanding that when the reporting clause uses the object pronoun me, the pronoun you is changed to I (subject) or me (object) in the reported speech (e.g., She asked me, “Do you want lunch?” She asked me if I wanted lunch/She asked me, “Can I help you?” She asked me if she could help me),
    • using if between the reporting verb and the reported question for closed questions (e.g., He asked me, “Do you like me?” He asked me if I liked him),
    • using question words (wh-words, such as why, where, and how) directly after the reporting verb (e.g., He asked me, “How are you feeling?” He asked me how I was feeling),
    • changing the word order by moving the subject before the verb (e.g., She asked, “Can I have more tea?” She asked if she could have more tea),
  • use a variety of reporting verbs, including wonder, ask, and want to know.

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