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Lesson: Neutrinos

Worksheet • 6 Questions


Which of the four fundamental forces are the three different types of neutrino―the electron neutrino, the mu neutrino, and the tau neutrino―affected by?

  • AThe weak nuclear force and gravity
  • BThe electric force and the magnetic force
  • CThe weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force
  • DThe electromagnetic force and the nuclear force
  • EThe strong nuclear force and gravity


List the following particles in order from least mass to greatest mass:

  • neutron
  • neutrino
  • proton
  • alpha Particle
  • electron
  • ANeutrino, electron, proton, neutron, alpha particle
  • BNeutrino, electron, neutron, alpha particle, proton
  • CAlpha particle, neutrino, electron, proton, neutron
  • D Electron, neutrino, neutron, alpha particle, proton
  • E Electron, neutrino, proton, neutron, alpha particle


Which of the following is the correct symbol for an electron neutrino?

  • A 𝑣 𝑒
  • B 𝑣 𝜖
  • C 𝑣 𝜇
  • D 𝑣 𝐸
  • E 𝑣 𝑇


List the following particles in order from the greatest to the least mass:

  • positron
  • neutron
  • helium nucleus
  • photon
  • neutrino
  • AHelium nucleus, neutron, positron, neutrino, photon
  • BPositron, neutron, photon, neutrino, helium nucleus
  • CHelium nucleus, neutron, positron, photon, neutrino
  • DPositron, helium nucleus, neutron, photon, neutrino
  • ENeutron, positron, neutrino, photon, helium nucleus


Which two of the following particles have the same mass?

  • photon
  • neutrino
  • electron
  • proton
  • muon
  • positron
  • AElectron and positron
  • BNeutrino and photon
  • CPhoton and muon
  • DProton and electron
  • EElectron and neutrino


What is the relative charge of a neutrino?