Lesson: Unit Rate

In this lesson, we will learn how to find a unit rate and how to use it to solve problems in the real world.

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Worksheet: Unit Rate • 25 Questions • 2 Videos


Runner A travels 75 metres in 13 seconds. Runner B travels 88 metres in 0.4 minutes. Which runner is faster?


Which of these is the correct definition for the rate?


Determine the unit rate for the following situation: Nabil earns $360 in 40 hours.


A student uses 42 sheets of card to make 3 equal-sized cubes. How many sheets do they use for each cube?


Given that a factory produces 7,500 cans of juice in 5 hours, what is its average rate of production in cans/hour?


Machine A produces 129 m of cloth in 3 hours. Machine B produces 121 m of the same cloth in 5 and a half hours. Which machine has the faster production rate?


Factory A produces 3 000 bars of soap in 7 1 2 hours. Factory B produces 5 500 similar bars of soap in 2 1 2 hours. Which factory produces more bars of soap per hour?


If Dina drinks 35 glasses of juice per week, then how many glasses of juice per day would that be, on average?


Given that a water tap leaks 7 800 litres of water in 5 hours, find the leakage rate per minute.


Fady drove 244 km in 4 hours. Giving your answer correct to one decimal place, what is his average speed in km/h?


If a runner ran 13 miles in 2 hours at a constant rate, how many miles did she run per hour?


A car uses 10 litres of fuel to travel 50 km. What is the car’s fuel consumption rate in litres per kilometre?


The parking fees of a car park are $5 for 25 hours and $10 for 50 hours. Determine, to the nearest cent, the cost per hour.


A ship uses 512 litres of fuel to travel 18 km. Another ship uses 855 litres of the same fuel to travel 40 km. Which ship consumes less fuel per km?


Given that a tractor ploughs 200 acres in 20 hours, calculate the number of acres it would plough in 2 hours at the same rate.


A car consumes 33 liters of gasoline to travel 858 km. How many liters will it consume at the same rate in traveling 1 300 km?


Nabil drives 233 km in 6 hours. Giving your answer correct to two decimal places, at this rate, how long would it take him to drive 398 km?


Shady was offered $4 035 annually for a lifeguard job on weekends. Determine his monthly rate of pay.


Express the following ratio as a unit rate, rounding to the nearest hundredth: 10 batteries in 6 months.


Determine the unit rate for a group of 990 people who went to the park between the hours of 9:00 and 11:00 am.


Engy traveled 1 632 miles in 4 days. Determine the unit rate that represents the average miles she traveled per day during her trip.


Express, to the nearest hundredth, the following ratio as a unit rate: 1 530 gallons in 15 days.


Which of the following rates can be classified as a unit rate?


A family spends 560 LE in 2 days. If they spend the same amount each day, how much would they spend in 1 day?


The grocery store sells a dozen doughnuts for $ 5 . 5 2 . How much does one doughnut cost?


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