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Lesson: Writing and Solving Multi-Step Inequalities in a Real-World problems

Worksheet: Writing and Solving Multi-Step Inequalities in a Real-World problems • 15 Questions


George wants to purchase a precision balance for $340. He has already saved $113 and can save $28 every week. Write an inequality that can be used to determine the number of weeks left for George to save at least $340.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


Chris is trying to break his school’s record by getting 51 hits in one season. Halfway through the season, he already had 28 hits, with an average of 2 hits per game. Write an inequality showing how many games it will take him at that rate to score 51 hits at least, and then find the minimum number of games he needs to score.

  • A, 12 games
  • B, 40 games
  • C, 12 games
  • D, 40 games
  • E, 12 games


A rental car company charges $65 plus an additional $0.72 per mile to rent a car. If Zachary does not want to spend more than $290 for his rental car, write and solve an inequality to find how many miles he can drive.

  • A,
  • B,
  • C,
  • D,
  • E,


William has a total of $200 and wants to buy some Blu-ray discs. Given that Blu-ray discs cost $18.75 each, and he must save at least $65, write an inequality that can be used to find how many Blu-ray discs he can buy, and then determine the maximum number of Blu-ray discs he can buy.

  • A, 7 Blu-ray discs
  • B, 14 Blu-ray discs
  • C, 7 Blu-ray discs
  • D, 14 Blu-ray discs
  • E, 7 Blu-ray discs


You are choosing between two different window-washing companies. The first charges per window, while the second charges a base fee of plus per window. How many windows would you need to have for the second company to be preferable?

  • AMore than 10 windows
  • Bmore than 8 windows
  • Cmore than 20 windows
  • Dmore than 15 windows
  • Emore than 5 windows