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Lesson: Rays

Sample Question Videos

Worksheet • 16 Questions • 2 Videos


Will these two rays intersect?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Which sentence describes what has been drawn?

  • AA ray 𝐾 𝐿 parallel to a ray 𝑂 𝑃 .
  • BA straight line 𝐾 𝐿 intersecting a straight line 𝑂 𝑃 .
  • CA ray 𝐿 𝐾 parallel to a ray 𝑃 𝑂 .
  • DA ray 𝐿 𝐾 intersecting a ray 𝑃 𝑂 .
  • EA ray 𝐾 𝐿 perpendicular to a ray 𝑂 𝑃 .


Which of these is a ray?

  • A(d)
  • B(e)
  • C(c)
  • D(a)
  • E(b)


Think about rays.

Name this ray using symbols.

  • A  𝐴 𝐡
  • B  𝐡 𝐴

At which point this ray start?

  • A 𝐷
  • B 𝐢


What is colored green?

  • Aa ray
  • Bintersecting lines
  • Ca line segment
  • Dan angle
  • Ea line


In the figure, what is parallel to  𝐴 𝐹 ?

  • A οƒͺ 𝐢 𝐸
  • B 𝐴 𝐢
  • C  𝐢 𝐷
  • D  𝐴 𝐸


What is the name of the shape?

  • Aray 𝐡 𝐴
  • Bstraight line 𝐴 𝐡
  • Cline segment 𝐴 𝐡
  • Dray 𝐴 𝐡


What is the name of the shape?

  • Aray 𝐴 𝐡
  • Bray 𝐡 𝐴
  • Cline segment 𝐴 𝐡
  • Dstraight line 𝐴 𝐡


Which is the starting point of the ray?

  • A 𝑋
  • B 𝐢
  • C 𝐴
  • D 𝑁


Which of the following is the correct definition of a ray?

  • AA ray is the part of a straight line beginning at a given point and extending limitlessly in one direction.
  • BA ray is the part of a straight line beginning at a given point and extending in one direction to a predetermined length.
  • CA ray is a line through a point extending limitlessly in both directions.
  • DA ray is the point where two line segments intersect.
  • EA ray is the section of a line connecting two points.


In the given figure, which of the following would represent the ray passing through 𝐡 and 𝐢 ?

  • A οƒͺ 𝐡 𝐢
  • B οƒͺ 𝐢 𝐡
  • C 𝐡 𝐢
  • D 𝐡 𝐢
  • E βƒ–     βƒ— 𝐡 𝐢


Does the given figure allow you to conclude that the ray starting at 𝐢 and passing through 𝐷 passes through point 𝐡 ?

  • A yes
  • B no


Is 𝐡 𝐷 parallel or perpendicular to οƒͺ 𝐢 𝐸 ?

  • A perpendicular
  • B parallel


Which of these rays can intersect at a point?

  • A a and c
  • B c and e
  • C f and g
  • D d and e


At which point do  𝐴 𝐹 and 𝐴 𝐷 intersect?

  • A 𝐴
  • B 𝐹
  • C 𝐸
  • D 𝐷


At which point do  𝐴 𝐸 and οƒͺ 𝐢 𝐸 intersect?

  • A 𝐸
  • B 𝐴
  • C 𝐡
  • D 𝐢