Lesson: Introduction to Equations

In this lesson, we will learn how to read and write algebraic equations, clarify this concept through tables, and apply it in real-life situations and word problems.

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Worksheet: Introduction to Equations • 22 Questions • 6 Videos


Express the following phrase as an algebraic equation: The product of 𝑧 and βˆ’ 4 is 48.


Fady wants to buy a video game that costs $70. If Fady has $10, which of the following equations represents the amount of money he needs to buy the video game?


If a football player can run 21 yards in 3.9 seconds, determine which of the following equations could be used to find the number of yards 𝑦 the player can run in a second.


Given that it costs $12 for each hour of snorkeling and that the cost of the equipment is $11, determine the equation that represents the cost in dollars, 𝑐 , for snorkeling for β„Ž hours.


Nabil spent a total of 93 minutes this week working out. Which of the following equations represents the number of minutes Nabil spent doing sit-ups?

Exercise Push-ups Sit-ups
Time (min) 79 ?


The width of a bookshelf is 4 feet shorter than its height. Given that its width is 1.1 feet, write an equation that represents the height of the bookshelf.


In 2003, the population of a town was 4 5 0 0 0 , and the population has been growing linearly by 1 7 0 0 people each year. Write an equation for the population, 𝑃 ( 𝑑 ) , where 𝑑 is the number of years after 2003.


Which of the following could be described by 6 4 + π‘₯ = 8 1 ?


Express the following sentence in algebraic form: The price increased by $6 is $35.


Adam drove 231 miles in 3.8 hours. Which of the following equations can you use to find the rate at which he was traveling?


Suppose a vehicle is traveling at π‘Ÿ miles per hour. Which equation describes the total distance 𝐷 traveled by the vehicle, in miles, after a period of 9 hours?


The table shows the results of a survey which asked a group of students to pick their favourite music genre. If 288 students were surveyed, which equation can be used to find the number of students who chose Jazz?

Genre Pop Jazz Rap
Fraction of Students 1 6 1 3 1 2


A shop is having a sale. The table shows the regular price π‘Ÿ and the sale price 𝑠 of various items. Which of the following can be used to calculate the sale price?

Item Regular Price ( π‘Ÿ ) Sale Price ( 𝑠 )
A $17.00 $9.35
B $19.00 $10.45
C $13.00 $7.15
D $20.00 $11.00


If π‘₯ is 14 more than three times 𝑦 , which of the following must be true?


A car rental company charges $ 1 5 per hour. Write an equation to represent this scenario using β„Ž for the number of hours and 𝑑 for the total cost.


Rania bought 3 magazines for $28, $11 and $14 with a tax of $2. If she received $5 back as change, write a subtraction equation to determine how much money Rania gave the cashier, and then solve it.


An animal shelter relies on donations to look after the cats and dogs. It costs $ π‘₯ to care for a cat and $ 𝑦 to care for a dog.

Let the number of cats at the shelter be 𝑐 and the number of dogs be 𝑑 .

Write an equation for the total daily cost in dollars, 𝐢 , of looking after the cats and dogs.


Fady can drive 65 miles in 5 hours. Write an equation to find the number of miles, , Fady can drive in hours.


The sum of two numbers, π‘₯ and 𝑦 , is 17. What is the mathematical relation between π‘₯ and 𝑦 ?


A group of 8 friends want to buy a new couch for $492 with a tax of $44. Write a multiplication equation to determine the amount of money each person should pay if the amount is divided equally, and then solve it.


Which of the following means β€œThe difference between π‘₯ and five times 𝑦 is 19”?


Dina says that there is no number whose additive inverse is the same as its multiplicative inverse. Write down the equation that such a value of would have to satisfy.

(Hint: we may suppose that . Why?)


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